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Based in Montana. Serving clients worldwide.

John Machart lives in Montana where he teaches and trains clients about Wellness, Fitness, and Healthy Aging. At 60 years old John continues to live a vibrant life including piloting high performance aircraft, training and riding horses, vigorous ranch & cattle work, and of course daily workouts in the gym. "It all begins with proper nutrition to fuel your body, then exercises to condition your body".

John personally provides his home based clients with the highest quality, science based Nutritional Supplements in the world. You don't live in Montana? No worries! You can purchase these same world class Nutritional Supplements right here on John's website, visit the Shop page to place an order.

For John Machart, fitness is a lifelong journey

Inspired by athletes that he saw on TV as a child, John developed a passion for Athletics and Fitness early in life. However, the Industry of Fitness was not really a thing yet back in the early 1970s, so it was challenging in the early days of his Fitness journey.

Nevertheless, he began...

  • Distance Running in 1974
  • Weight lifting in 1982
  • USANA Health Sciences since 2005
  • Certified Personal Trainer since 2015

John's primary mission is to promote the Wellness and Fitness Lifestyle, so that people can enjoy their favorite activities for a lifetime. John has been riding horses since age 7, it's his lifelong passion. He says if he lives to be a 100 he still wants to be riding horses. Maybe for you it's Golf, Hiking, Tennis, Scuba Diving, Mountain Climbing, or anything really, hundreds of possible activities! It really doesn't matter what your passionate activity is, but you'll need to stay Healthy and Fit to enjoy it for a lifetime! A safe, tested, comprehensive Nutritional Supplement is the first best way to support your Fitness journey. I personally use and recommend the USANA Health Pak as my core product.

Learn About Wellness Supplements From John Machart

A certified personal trainer with over 40 years of experience

These days, you can find all kinds of information about supplements online - some of it's true, and some of it's just baloney. So how can you separate fact from fiction? That's easy - you just ask an expert.

John Machart has been working with the nutritional supplement industry since 1982, so he can tell you which supplements might work for you and which ones you should steer clear of. He can even recommend USANA products that might help you reach your nutritional goals.

John also enjoys writing in-depth articles about health and wellness. Visit the Blog page now to gain insight from an industry expert.