Be The Architect Of Your Thoughts

A secret of life is that you get to wake up each morning and decide what kind of day you will have. In my Fitness world, I always give myself two choices … I can decide to have a good day, or I can decide to have an awesome day! Our thoughts are powerful, and what we think is literally an energy that projects out in front of us and creates our life experience. So when it comes to your Fitness, it is highly beneficial to hold positive thoughts in your mind about the person that you are striving to become. Don't get stuck in negative thinking about what you don't want, instead project with positive thought what you do want. You are the architect of your thoughts, therefore you are the architect of your body's Fitness.


When it comes to Fitness it is so common to think only about our physical being, our body, our flesh. With this limited, in the flesh thinking, we are left only with the limited physical choices of diet and exercise. But what about our invisible choices … our thoughts? Nourish your body by first nourishing your mind with positive thoughts. Think thoughts of abundant and radiant health. Create your body's ideal Fitness, by first holding the thought in your mind (your vision) of the future self that you desire to become. There is so much negative energy that works against you when you beat yourself up about your weight, your bad habits, or the activities that you currently can't do. When you hold these negative thoughts in your mind, you are attracting more of what you don't want! Negative thoughts also become life experience by dwelling on them, or worse yet, by commiserating with others in a pity party and speaking those negative thoughts out loud!


Keep your thoughts in the positive, it is so much more effective. Visualize in your mind, wearing that particular item of clothing that you've been wanting to fit into. See yourself, in your mind, conquering that 5K that you've been wanting to run. Think and speak out loud in affirmation that, "I am healthy", if you have a medical challenge in your Fitness journey. When you hold in your thoughts the visualization of your ideal future self, you will find that you effortlessly gravitate towards better food choices, and towards the exercises that you need to do to reach your Fitness goals. You will discover that diet and exercise are no longer dreaded things, but strangely, they become valued friends on your journey of personal growth and Fitness. Every cell in your body is listening to your thoughts, your inner voice. Be the architect of your thoughts and allow your body to respond and magnetically pull you towards your Fitness goals. Where the mind goes, the body will follow.