Fitness Begins With Nutrition

Why do I tell people that a high quality Nutritional Supplement is the first, best step towards launching your Fitness lifestyle?   One would think that jumping head first into an extensive exercise program would be the logical first step to Fitness … right?   Well, my answer is that we want to start with building the "foundation" of our body first … the cells! 


Your body is comprised of approximately 100 trillion individual cells, and each cell (in and of itself) is a fundamental unit of life.  When you properly nourish your cells with vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, you are making each and every one of those cells healthier and stronger. Healthier cells, collectively, create a healthier body. Now, once your body (your foundation) is prepared, start exercising and training it! 


Whether you want to generally build a stronger, leaner body … or whether you want to train specifically to improve your Sport or Activity, you will benefit greatly by nourishing your body's cells first.  Additionally, by feeding your cells the nutrients that they need, you are supporting your immune system, plus a variety of other positive body benefits.  Finally, it can take weeks to find a gym, a trainer, an exercise program, plus the time and discipline to get your exercise program started.  However, with Nutritional Supplements you can begin immediately! 


I start every day of my life with vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and other co-factors.  You can easily add Nutritional Supplements right into your existing meal routine.  I use and recommend the USANA Health Pak as my core Nutritional Supplement.  It is convenient, complete, and packed with advanced levels of nutrition.  Start building the foundation of your Fitness Lifestyle today!  Nourish your body … then get it moving!