Newton's 1st Law of Motion

While I titled this Blog a bit in jest, Newton's 1st Law of Motion does have both a mental and physical parallel on the motion of our bodies.  The law states that, "a body at rest will remain at rest, while a body in motion will remain in motion … unless acted upon by an external force".  While "rest"  is surely an important part of your 24 hour cycle (restorative sleep in your bed),   sitting in that cozy recliner chair or lying on the couch for hours on end every day, is a surefire way to destroy your Fitness, and ultimately your body and health.  Additionally, hours and hours lounging in a recliner chair is often accompanied by snacking on junk food, and turning your brain into mush by watching mind numbing TV shows (i.e. the news). 


Every Christmas my 4 sons get a laugh at my expense by threatening to buy Dad a La-Z-Boy Recliner, to which my annual response is, "go ahead … and I'll chop it up at the wood pile and burn it in the fireplace"!  Seriously though, while there is nothing wrong with a comfortable place to sit, let's make it clear that a sedentary lifestyle is the surefire way to limit your Fitness.  Being "active" is the key to Fitness and a healthier life. When a client asks me what exercise they should do, I always begin by telling them that it doesn't really matter "what" activity/exercise you chose to do, so long as you "love" to do it. If you love to do it, you will do it consistently, and consistency will keep your body (and your mind) in motion.  Mr. Newton would approve of this I'm sure!  


I will be writing Blogs in the future that cover a wide range of topics ranging from intense sport specific exercises, to the simple act of walking.  As a preview, I will tell you that I'm excited to write about walking!  Yes, I have done years of hardcore weight lifting and well over 40,000 miles of running, but "brisk walking" or "power walking" is an amazing exercise, and I'm eager to share those Fitness benefits with you, as it is a fantastic exercise that almost anyone can do, and probably love it!  


Finally, don't forget that Nutrition is Foundation for Fitness. Reduce sodas and other processed, sugar based items. On balance, increase good nutrition such as a daily dose of the Health Pak.  Until then let's leave today on Newton's 1st Law … let's get that body in motion and keep it in motion!